The curriculum shows participants how to make change happen, and includes exercises to assure accountability and results

Each part of the curriculum below includes goal-setting, accountability, and results tracking. Also, we use actual participant situations wherever possible.

  1. Why people resist change while others embrace it.
  2. Review of leading theories of change.
  3. Identify your strengths and development opportunities for being a successful change leader and coach.
  4. Anticipate support, resistance, and how to set yourself up for success during the change initiative.
  5. Create the vision and articulate the purpose for the change.
  6. Set specific goals and milestones to track and measure success.
  7. Develop a sound business case for the change.
  8. Develop and test the compelling message for change, and create a consistent communication strategy for all levels and units.
  9. What it really means to go first as a leader.
  10. Stay authentic throughout the change process, cope, and manage the “inner game” of the change leader.
  11. See the political playing field for opportunities to make change happen.
  12. Identify supporters and build alliances.
  13. Influence others to build consensus and move things forward.
  14. Coach others through change.
  15. Manage up so that your direct managers support you throughout the
  16. Engage employees during the change process: what they really need to hear from you.
  17. Use the most effective strategy when you encounter resistance to change.
  18. Get back on course when people waver and things go wrong
  19. Celebrate success.

At the end of the program, participants receive Certification as a Certified Healthcare Change Leader & Coach and one year of ongoing support. The Certification is offered in partnership with The Center for Executive Coaching, which is accredited with the International Coach Federation and (ICF) offers approved training hours towards an ICF coach designation.


The clear benefits for participants and for your organization make it easy to justify the very affordable investment in the program.


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The program is flexible and convenient, and gives you the proven skills, methods, and tools needed to make real change happen.


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