Here is how to accelerate change at your healthcare organization- without paying millions of dollars to an invasive consulting firm.

If you are frustrated with the pace of change in your healthcare organization, contact us. We have a number of ways in which we can help you accelerate change, get change on track, and build the capacity in your organization for leaders and managers at all levels to lead change successfully.

For instance, here are four ways have helped our clients when they are frustrated with the progress of their change initiatives:

One, Senior Execuitve Retreat.

We often being with a retreat with the core executive team. During the retreat we use our framework for effective change to identify where the team might need to better create a sense of urgency, set expectations, improve communication, engage supporters, and handle any resistance.


Two, Leadership Retreat.

Soon after the executive team retreat, a meeting with the larger leadership team can be effective. Prior this meeting we interview each member of the team to understand their perceptions of the change initiative. We also use a highly-validated assessment tool to highlight the strengths and potential blind spots of the team. Using this data, we create an event that leads to significant new commitments and improvements in communication among team members. Often team members realize that they have not been speaking as openly and honestly about their expectations from each other, about what they really need to be successful during the change process, and about their willingness to hold each other accountable for results. Often, they also discover gaps in communicating about the change initiative with the rest of the organization. During this meeting, team members come together to address these gaps and become much more cohesive and aligned, with a renewed sense of energy for the change initiative that flows to the rest of the organization.


Three, Training for teams on the ground.

We provide practical, results-driven training and facilitation to managers and leaders charged with specific change initiatives. We assist them in identifying opportunities, creating the business case, influencing stakeholders, and implementing. In our experience, many healthcare organizations have highly trained experts and other analysts who can hone in on root causes to an amazing degree of specificity, but they often lack people who can turn those analyses into actionable plans, get buy in, and implement. We provide the support and build capacity for those missing elements.


Four, Coaching as needed.

Some members of executive and leadership teams benefit from an objective sounding board as a change process progresses. We provide executive and leadership coaching to help work through problems and issues on a just-in-time basis.


As a result of the above services, organizations are able make change happen more smoothly, while building internal capacity and helping to develop internal leaders.

Contact us at 941-539-9623 or if you would like to discuss your current change initiative.

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