Stop being frustrated because change is not happening quickly enough in your organization…and you don’t need to pay the sky-high fees of consulting firms to see results.  

When you register your leaders and up-and-coming leaders for the Healthcare Change Leader & Coach Certification Program your organization and participants realize great benefits. Most importantly, you develop leaders who can make change happen.

Benefits for Your Healthcare Organization:
Change actually gets done.

  1. Get significant, measurable results while advancing your change initiatives. This program is not academic or theoretical. It is applied and focused on advancing your change initiatives according to best practices.
  2. Accountability is baked in via coaching sessions and exercises that require participants to declare goals and action plans and then report progress.
  3. Execute strategic and change initiatives more effectively.
  4. Develop your talent to be ready to improve quality of care, clinical utilization, patient satisfaction, and productivity.
  5. Strengthen your organization with better leadership – without the need for costly and invasive consulting firms.
  6. Go beyond the analytical skills taught by Six Sigma training to what it really takes to influence, communicate, and implement good ideas so that change happens. Many healthcare leaders tell us that they have plenty of people who can analyze data and draw conclusions, but still can’t execute effectively. Our program addresses that gap.
  7. Convenient and flexible. The program requires no travel costs or lost days, because it takes place via teleclasses and online anytime study.
  8. The program supports a culture of success through coaching.

Participants: Never ending value in your career.

  1. The content goes beyond change to include skills that develop you as an effective leader and coach, skills like influence, navigating politics, communicating powerfully, resolving conflict, engaging teams, and coaching people to success.
  2. Be a key player in current and future change initiatives in your organization.
  3. Advance your career.
  4. Learn at your pace without needing to travel or miss days of work.
  5. Get support anytime you need it.
  6. At the end of the program, you receive Certification as a Certified Healthcare Change Leader & Coach and one year of ongoing support. The Certification is offered in partnership with The Center for Executive Coaching, which is accredited with the International Coach Federation and (ICF) offers approved training hours towards an ICF coach designation.

How it Works

The program is flexible and convenient, and gives you the proven skills, methods, and tools needed to make real change happen.



The comprehensive curriculum shows how to make change happen, and bakes in results and accountability so that your organization sees results.


Register Now!

You can register one person, or an entire group to take advantage of group rates. For large groups, we can create a distance learning cohort personalized to your organization, deliver on-site training, or customize a solution specific to your needs.