One Purpose: Help you make change happen effectively in your healthcare organization

The Healthcare Change Institute addresses a glaring need among healthcare organizations:

  • Management consulting firms are super-expensive, invasive, and sometimes sell pie-in-the-sky ideas that often don’t get implemented.
  • Internal leaders – despite being extremely intelligent with years of technical education – often lack the training required to get real results leading change.
  • As one CEO shared, “We have dozens of six-sigma black belts who can get to the root cause to the sixth decimal point, but still can’t get anything to happen around here.”
  • Many clinicians have years of clinical education yet lack the skills to collaborate, work with stakeholders, and have the conversations needed to make change happen in a complex organization.

The Healthcare Change Institute was launched with a different approach in mind: Why not trust in the wisdom and experience of the leadership and staff of the healthcare system, and then provide the right kind of applied leadership development and coaching capabilities to fill in gaps? This much less invasive process builds capacity, is MUCH more cost effective, and gets results.

Our flagship program, the Healthcare Change Leader & Coach Certification Program, trains healthcare leaders to effectively take on change initiatives. It is a flexible program that allows participants to learn how to lead change — and coach others through the change process — at their pace and without expensive travel or lost work days, get ongoing support, learn from others going through similar challenges, and apply what they learn to real results.

We also offer on-site facilitation solutions, executive coaching, and training to help you accelerate your change initiatives.

The Healthcare Change Institute was founded by Andrew Neitlich. Andrew started his career as a management consultant with what was once the world’s largest management consulting firm specializing in healthcare. After nearly a decade of working with leading healthcare systems on change initiatives, he launched his own executive coaching practice to work with leaders of complex organizations.

He also founded the Center For Executive Coaching in 2002, which has since become a leading executive coach training organization. The Center for Executive Coaching has trained coaches from a number of healthcare organizations, including: Kaiser Permanente, Partners, Ascension, Navicent, Inova, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Laser Spine Institute, and Stryker. Andrew is the author of Coach!, Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career, The Way to Coach Executives, and developer of the Leader Coach Toolkit. He received his MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College.

In addition to Andrew, a number of seasoned healthcare executives and coaches serve as adjunct faculty with the Healthcare Change Institute.

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