How do you measure results and prove a return on investment (ROI) for the Healthcare Change Leader & Coach Program?

Prior to each participant’s start date in the program, we have a discussion about their professional and organizational goals by joining the program. We work together to establish a clear personal, professional, and organizational case for a return on investment (ROI) by having the participant complete the program. If we can’t come up with a suitable return on investment case BEFORE the participant joins the program, we suggest that he or she not join. Then we track progress towards these goals throughout the program and work with the participant to achieve it by the end. In other words, we do our best to bake the ROI into the program before the participant even starts and we work on achieving it throughout. That way, this isn’t a theoretical ROI but rather a practical, customized return. It is based on each participant’s unique situation, organization, and opportunities. Of course, ultimate achievement of the return on investment is up to the participant and organization– applying the content, participating, reaching out for support, and getting support from colleagues and leadership in the organization. However, we do everything a professional development program possibly can to make sure that achieving a measurable, significant ROI occurs.