Who should join the Healthcare Change Leader & Coach Program?

The Healthcare Change Leader & Coach Program is for leaders in healthcare organizations overseeing significant change initiatives. This includes members of the executive and leadership team, clinical leaders, and leaders of major units and functions in the organizations. We have found that many administrators and leaders in healthcare organizations have years of specialized training, but often do not have formal training in what it takes to successfully make change happen, influence people, build alliances, communicate the case for change, and shift large organizations or pieces of the organization to move in new directions. Even those with training in disciplines like Six Sigma can benefit from our program, because we help people go from understanding the root cause and coming up with great ideas to knowing how to get buy in for the ideas and then execute them. If you are not sure whether you or someone in your organization is a fit for our program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@healthcarechangeinstitute.com.